Groovy PAWrenting

The late Ibu Lucy, Groovy’s founder, started the PAWrenting event and education series in 2012.

Dedicated to improve pet owners’ knowledge to better care for their pets, PAWrenting does more than just bring people and pooches together: “These events are part of our efforts to enlighten and raise awareness of animal rights and welfare among animal lovers and the public at large,” Ibu Lucy explained in a 2013 Jakarta Globe article (A Pet Shop Owner Who Has a Passion for ‘PAWrenting’). “Most of all, we are focused on pet wellness, so PAWrenting is directed towards pet owners. We want them to understand the important role they play in their pets’ lives and guide them in their responsibilities as pet parents.”

We, at Groovy, are always happy to see our patients and clients have a great time – and to engage with them in a more informal setting than the examination or grooming room.

The PAWrenting events are an additional place, where we can share our expertise and passion with our PAWrening community and with pet lovers, who meet us for the first time.

Praise for PAWrenting

“Thank you so much for a great afternoon of Pawrenting! The dog coaching clinic was amazing and the way it was being organized, going on simultaneously with games in the outdoor area, was a very good and well-planned idea. I was glad to be able to take part in the dog coaching clinic. Greatly appreciate all the work the Groovy team has done to make this wonderful event!”
Franky Wongkar,
PAWrent to Thatcher and Jackie-O,
as posted on the Groovy Vetcare Facebook wall on November 1, 2014

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